On the first day several partners met in the morning for a lab session where the first physical prototypes of DC/DC, LVPS, DALI and Control were merged to a running system. After lunch the official meeting started with all partners, by giving an overview of the status and the latest results of the AC-DC and the DC-DC. This was followed by a status update on the System in Package (SiP) and the integrated passives. Afterwards the status of the Driver System WP was presented and the plan for the upcoming months was discussed.

Regarding the luminaire system, an update on the selected luminaires was presented by LED Group. To close the first day an update of the current system architecture and requirements was given and discussions on the project target and its commercial impact took place. The morning of the second day was dedicated to the General Assembly meeting, followed by a poster session where challenges for specific WPs and topics were discussed in smaller groups.

In the afternoon the first Advisory Board meeting took place, which was attended by two Advisory Board members. In order to provide the external experts an overview of the current technical status brief presentations on targets, results, plans and challenges of specific topics were given. This was followed by detailed discussions on capacitors, magnetic and the SiP. Another important discussion point was the luminaire system, related to questions, such as what are the key objectives of LEDLUM and which brings the most value in the market, which types of luminaire and which are most suited to get the most value out of LEDLUM. The Advisory Board members actively participated in the discussions and provided valuable feedback, which will be considered in the further project work. After a short wrap-up of the AB meeting, all partners and the AB members continued interesting discussions in a less formal atmosphere during a common dinner. The last day was used to collect and discuss hot topics in focus groups, to align the further work, and to collect the action points and define responsibilities. All in all it was a very efficient meeting, which paved the way for the further way forward in the project.