On the first day all partners presented and reflected on their individual completed work. Then the consortium was split into two groups to focus on and discuss the interaction between the partners in the past. The findings of this group discussion have then been used to take the lessons learned and to define the hot topics for the next day.
On the second day the consortium split into two groups again. One group participated at the Review meeting and the second group continued with the technical meeting and further worked on the hot topics.
To provide an in-depth update of the progress of the action and to assess the degree to which the work plan has been carried out was the main purpose of the review meeting. The partners presented the work that was performed during the first 18 project months in each work package and highlighted the major achievements and results. The reviewers showed great interest in the work of the LEDLUM project, raised interesting and qualified questions and provided valuable feedback and recommendations for future project work.
At the end of the day both groups came back together and informed each other what happened during the day.
At the third and last day of the technical meeting the last two days where quickly reflected and the work plan for the future work in the project has been defined. Overall, it was a very successful and fruitful meeting and the consortium is looking forward to the upcoming months of the project.