Period 1

D1.1 “Initial feasibility assessment”
The deliverable describes the target industry and the state-of-the-art they are applying. It analyses the strategic fit of the project developments to the market and its environment. The concluding market assessment on how the market needs are addressed and how the project will create impact on the industry will be included in D7.4 Final plan and report on Exploitation, Dissemination & Communication activities.

D3.2 “Discrete / integrated power semiconductors characterized”
Measurement results, modelling and verification of models of the selected power semiconductors summarized in an internal datasheet and / or CAD model.

D7.3 “Updated plan and initial report on Exploitation, Dissemination & Communication activities”
This report includes updates on the communication kit, the exploitation, dissemination and communication plans as well as initial reports on the executed activities. It furthermore includes a first view on the market, its opportunities and on the target audience.


Resonant Full-Bridge Synchronous Rectifier Utilizing 15 V GaN Transistors for Wireless Power Transfer Applications Following AirFuel Standard Operating at 6.78 MHz

Christopher Have Kiaerskou Jensen, Frederik Monrad Spliid, Jens Christian Hertel, Yasser Nour, Tiberiu-Gabriel Zsurzsan, Arnold Knott, IEEE APEC 2018, San Antonio, Texas, USA. March 2018. (to appear)


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